Training —
Group shot of Rouge flightcrew holding up their certification.

World class training at world class locations

Before you can fly, every applicant must participate in (and pass) our two-part training program

Air Canada safety training in Toronto or Montreal

Prepare yourself for our flight safety and procedures training that’s second to none. This is a comprehensive 6-week program (4 weeks technical, 2 weeks service) in which all in-flight safety information will be covered, including pre- and post-flight boarding procedures. Applicants learn the in’s and out’s of airplane safety, and how to ensure the safest flight possible for customers and fellow Air Canada Rouge Crew members.

Customer service excellence training in Orlando, Florida

After successfully completing our safety training program, applicants must attend a one-week training program typically held in Orlando, Florida. This amazing weeklong program is one of the best in its class, and is something we’ve become known for.

During the week, you’ll have the opportunity to work as a team, discuss the different aspects of the work you’ll encounter as part of the Air Canada Rouge Crew, and apply customer service theories to real-world scenarios.

What will you learn during your training sessions in Toronto (or Montreal) and Orlando?

You’ll learn what it takes to become a team leader, how to make good decisions on the spot, inspire others and lead by example.
Career success
You’ll receive valuable training in customer service excellence, as well as safety and airline procedures. You’ll aspire to become a team leader and then move beyond as part of the Air Canada family.
Safety procedure training
Safety first. You’ll learn everything you need to know to keep our customers and employees safe in all situations.
You’ll learn how to work closely in a confined space where teamwork is essential. You’ll travel together, enjoy work and succeed together.
Sleep and diet
You’ll learn a lot of stuff that’ll put you to sleep (but not because it’s boring), like how to optimize sleep and nutrition to deal with the rigours of air travel. Industry professionals conduct these seminars: our sleep seminar by NASA, and our diet and nutrition seminar by a professional dietician.
Customer service
You’ll learn to go above and beyond to ensure our customers’ vacations begin the moment they step on board. You’ll be friendly, engaging, helpful, and you’ll learn how to intuitively read a broad base of customers to determine their needs (no Jedi mind tricks).
Real-world scenarios
You’ll learn to apply the customer service theories you learn in class to actual situations that may arise in-flight.

Think you’re ready for the Air Canada Rouge Crew?

We hire fun, dedicated people who can adapt to anything that comes their way on the ground and at 30,000 feet in the air. (And trust us, this happens pretty often.) You up for the challenge?

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